दशै मेलामा निसुल्क गुलकोस पानी बितरन कार्यक्रम - RAC Birgunj

2074-6-12 / 2017-09-28  |  
Venue : Besides the geeta mandir, Ghadiarwa - Birgunj 10


To serve the people to make them relief & to minimize there thirst.


Several community peoples who came to the dashain fare, among them many get benefited in our camp area.

Project Detail

This program was held on the occasion of dashain mela, several community people's come from the several villages and areas to the Birgunj city, they feels very hectic & tired due to the rushes of people in mela, also they feel thirst and in every area there water is not available. if the water is available where they dont find the pure drinking water..

So we have planned for this program to serve all the people in free of charges..

The water was arranged from the aqua guard of Restaurant magic bells, we have arranged the 5 cartoon of Orange flavoured glucose & 3 cartoons of tang (Orange flavour) we filled the aqua water to a medium sized bucket and poured the glucose and mixed it...it was ready to serve

We have served 1800 Glasses to the people among we deducted 400 for any kinds of wastes...& so we served near about 1400 people during the program of 6 hours & 25 minutes.


Coordinator :- Rtr Saurav Shah (President)

Helped during the project :- Rtr Rohit Barnawal & Rtr Rajish kr. Chaudhary

Additional Photos

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